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Also called Hound Folk, these intelligent dog-men stands about just short of 3 meters tall and always walks on their well-developed hind legs. They are ferocious enemies, but have a deathly fear of large winged creatures. Arks carry primitive weapons like stone spears and large clubs, and most wear Leather or Studded Leather armor, as well as carry wicker shields. Their coarse, heavy fur also offers substantial protection. Arks hunt all other species as food. They consider human (or humanoid) hands to be a particular delicacy.

Never admitted as so by the game designers, many players have spotted the incredible resemblance to the D&D Gnoll. The Ark is seen by many as a corrected version of the Gnoll, given their general ineffectiveness in the D&D game, as the mutations especially Life Leech are hard to counter/avoid.

All arks have the following mutations: telekinesis, weather manipulation, and life leech.