Also called "Dragon Bugs," these 1 to 2 meter (3-5 feet) long mutated dragonflies (much like the Meganeura of the Late Carboniferous era) are often domesticated by small humanoids and used as riding mounts or beasts of burden. They are limited to light loads while flying (2 kilograms/7 lbs. in 1st edition, 6-20 kilograms/13-44 lbs. in 2nd ed). However, they must be caught young to be trainable. They have large mandibles which they uses to bite. Beyond their large size, they have no mutation.

Another type of large mutant dragonflies where noted in the first edition rule book (Mountain or Forest Terrain Encounter Table #40, page 53). They are noted as having a "scorpion-like stinger in tail," and having the taller mutation, that gives them the length of 10 meters (30 feet). They are strong enough to carry two lightly equipped, human-sized beings.

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