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Also called "Digger-folk", these highly intelligent mutated badgeroid species inhabits cool temperate zones. They are approximately 1.5 meters (5 feet) tall. The Badders are organized into a feudal society approximately equal to that of the medieval period in human history. They are basically of evil disposition and will destroy other intelligent life forms if given the chance. Badders live in earth burrow complexes, although they will sometimes be found inhabiting a ruined town of the Ancients. They have manipulative forepaws and walk erect. Badders are exceptionally quick of movement in combat. They favor Chainmail or Ringmail Armor, wooden shields, and all sorts of medieval weapons--although, they might (10% chance for each) carry some random Artifact weapon. They can also deliver a vicious bite. Badders communicate in their own form of snarling/growling language but can approximate some limited trade speech. They are hard of hearing, but have a keen sense of smell. Badders have a strong will and possess empathy. If a burrow is discovered, there will be females equal In number to the males, and young equal to half of the females. The burrow will be ruled by a very large male and a small number of “nobles”-- who make-up 5% of a Badder community.

Badder nobles prefer to be referred to as 'Badasses' by their inferiors, luckily their bad hearing prevents them hearing what their underlings really call them.