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This small island nation lives amid the ancient ruins that cover the island. The lower floors of old buildings were covered by mud and silt hundreds of years ago. The silt and mud is now dry land, only the tops of the buildings protrude from the ground. The Bort Yuron natives use old steel girders as a framework for their own homes and buildings. Any building over four stories tall (above the new ground level) still has its framework rising above the wooden biuldings of the newer Bort Yuron.

Bort Yuron controls the Straits Of Sate Care, which link Lake Heron and LAKE IRE (EYE-re). Bort Yuron's sailing ships patrol the waters to the north and east of the island nation. Any sailing vessel passing through the straits must pay a moderate tax of 5 Domar per person and 1 Domar per 100 kilogarms of cargo. Bort Yuron ships are well armed with cannons, and their sailors are armed with flintloacks and cutlasses (treat as longswords). There are ships and captains in the region that specalize in shooting the straits, usually at night to avoid the tax.

The inhabitants of Bort Yuron are largely mutated animals. There are a few other genotypes, but the animals are by far the largest segment of the 14,000 sentients on the island. Any genotype is allowed into the city, but humans, Altered Ones and True Men , are sometimes persecuted. Most merchants charge humans 50%-100% more for goods than they will charge New Animals or Green Folk.

The City is Tech Level III, and its inhabitants willingly use any Artefacts that they can get their paws on. However, they have not been overly successful at acquiring such items. They subsist mostly by fishing and merchant sailing. Despite its control of the Straits of Sate Care, Bort Yuron really dosn't make that much money from the taxes when the expenses of the tax ships are considered.

The Mayor of Bort Yuron is Payo , a mutated skunk. He has led his people for almost two decades now. Of late, he has had his eye on the ruins of TROYT. He has sent several expediations of hired sentients into the ruins to try and recover artefacts of great power. Payo dreams of using this power to take control of all the shipping on the lakes, just like the Faremen of Lake Mitchgloom.

Within the city, many of the cryptic alliances are accepted. The Zoopremisists, and to a lesser degree the Ranks of the Fit, are very popular here. Since the two groups hate each other, there are violent clashes in the city and continous mad schemes by both groups to eradicate each other. As is true in many places, the Knights of Genetic Purity are reviled and cast out when found.