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First Edition[]

There are several different types of grenades, but all will explode on the melee round after being activated (by pulling the pin). A grenade may be thrown 3 meters for every point of physical strength possessed by the thrower. The referee should keep in mind that the chance of functioning for a grenade is not determined until it is activated. In other words, it could be a dud.

Second Edition[]

These are exploding devices usually delivered by hand (though they can be fired from Grenade Launchers in armor or vehicles). A character can throw a Grenade a distance equal to [PSx3] meters. Before throwing the Grenade, the character activates it by "pulling the pin" on it. Once the pin is pulled, the Grenade automatically explodes the next Action Turn. All characters within 9 meters of an exploding Grenade are attacked by the Grenade. Individually roll to hit for each character attacked by the Grenade.

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