Custer Edit

Originally an AI running a civil war re-enactment museum “Custer” managed robots and guests to the museum. When doomsday came around, the AI began to worry about its “Children” (the robots, including re-enactors and others). It began to remove programming blocks and pumping survival software into them. In order to save itself, it began downloading itself into a damaged Custer robot. As the robot’s computer obviously could not contain the entirety of the AI, it became confused and began to believe it was actually General George A. Custer. Leading the other robots out, they began living off the land, and operating as a civil-war era army would.

Ranks Edit

Comprised mainly of recruited mutants in civil-war era uniforms, this rag-tag army travels in squads of five to six (often mounted) soldiers usually led by a PSH or a Re-Enactment Robot. Armed mainly with swords and slings, larger "squads" (ten to fifteen) carry heavy Old World weaponry.

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