Dual Brain: Any mutant with this power has 2 brains (not necessarily 2 heads), both of which function normally and which may have, between them, up to 3 additional mental mutations. This allows the mutant a minus 1 on all die rolls when trying to figure out any ancient artifacts. When under mental attack, one brain may suffer the effects while the other keeps the mutant functioning normally (moving, striking, attacking, etc.). A Dual Brain allows two mental saying throws and if either one is successful; the mental attack on the mutant fails. Both brains have the same mental strength (rolled at the start of the campaign by the player), but any increase in mental strength due to surviving mental attacks is awarded at one-half the normal rate.

Poor Dual Brain: (defect) This is a second brain which handicaps the function of the primary brain. It may take over the body at strange times, have several defects, or even counteract a mental power of the good brain in difficult situations. The extent and effects of this mutation should be determined by the referee and may be kept a secret from the mutant until the moment of truth.

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