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Empire of Ishtar
IshtaranFist 01.jpg
The Ishtaran Fist
The symbol of the Army of the Empire of Ishtar

Type of Organization

Pre-Collapse Government

Area of Influence

Now extinct, once the dominant global power across many worldlines


circa 10,000 BC to circa 2100 AD


King, known as the Lugal, appointed by the High Priestess, or Ensi, of Ishtar through ritual marriage


Expansionist Mesopotamian Theocracy


Destroyed in warfare with the Machine Civilization of Xi and the Thuu Marth shadow government known as Area 52. Now (along with Xi and Area 52) one of the primary sources of Omega Technology

The Empire of Ishtar is a fallen society of pre-collapse people introduced in the 8th edition Gamma World Roleplaying Game. Artifacts of this society constitute a major source of Omega Technology appearing in the game. They are said to have developed especially powerful photonic technologies, technologies focusing on the bending and manipulation of light.

From what is known, the Ishtarans were a powerful empire that sought to extend their influence across different worldlines before their collapse sometime during the 150 years between the Big Mistake and the current era of the game. The Empire is named for the Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar, strongly suggesting the faction as a continuation of one of the oldest human societies, perhaps across worldlines where it never faded from power. The Ishtarans are portrayed as having been seductive diplomats as well as ruthless warriors.

Known Ishtaran Omega Technology[]

Frequently Encountered Devices Less Common Devices Rare Devices
Electro-flail Photonic Spear Energy Mace
Disruptor Pike Gravity Hammer Plasma Sphere
Dim Photonic Spear Diskthrower Gunport Armor
Force Axe Repeating Gauss Rifle Rad Armor
Hand Rocket Power Fist Phase Cape
Razor Grenade Jet Boots Dehydrated Man
Dream Grenade Servo Assist Beacon
Mk. 1 Laser Pistol Hospice Beacon
Mk. 1 Power Armor Dimensional Shuntshield
Duralloy Shield Force Shield
Fizz Neurojack
Omniscient Goggles
Music Box
Face Mask
The Patch
Inflatable Friend