Grens appear to be completely normal Pure Strain Humans... except for their deep green skin! Hair colour ranges from brown to green, though a few rare individuals have blonde hair. Grens wear a minimum of clothing, usually something made from leaves and grass, though sometimes animal skins. They are intelligent and live secluded lives in harmony with nature. They inhabit only deep forests and jungles, where they cannot be seen or sensed by any creature until they reveal themselves. They will not use ancient technology and stubbornly refuse to learn any of the knowledge of the Ancients. Most tribes shun outsiders, although in some instances (30%), Grens may cooperate with Pure Strain Humans if approached in a non-hostile manner.

COMBAT: Though normally peaceful, Grens will defend their homes using primitive weapons like spears, staves, etc, and guerrilla tactics as their natural, dark green skin colouration allows them to blend into their natural surroundings with great ease. Gren communities are often guarded by domesticated animals or plants, normally blackens, gators, kai lins, or obbs. A typical tribe has 1d4+2 creatures of a single type to help their villages. Other community defences includes snares, pits and a few of the settled communities have even used catapults, of a primitive nature. SOCIETY: Grens are nomadic, living as simple hunter=gathers in woods and jungles, however, some tribes have settled down and expanded, creating communities of 20-80 members. Setled Grens still hunt and gather their food, but also cultivate a few crops within their own cummunities. Grens are respectful of nature and the what it provides for them in the form of food and shelter, and so take great care to avoid doing harm to local ecology. Grens are able tame animals, even the most stubborn ones like Gators. This training ability applies to semi-intelligent palnts and funguses as well. Creatures are domesticated solely for the use of the community and are never kept as pets or personal guardians.

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