Gamma World Wiki

Number: 1d3


Stealth/R.U: +2


A.C: 13

MD: 13

Health: 13

Speed: 3, Flying: 40

Level: 3

Hit Dice: 5 (18)

THAC: +3

Attacks: 1 or 2

Bite: 1d4 Weapon: +1

Int: Average

Morale: 17

Size: M (1.5m)

XP Value: 650

Frequency: Uncommon Organization: Pack

Activity Cycle: Day Diet: Carnivore

Tech Level: I Artefacts: None

Climate/Terrain: Temperate forests and hills

Physical Mutations: None

Mental Mutations: Fear Generation (12), Levitation (18), Repulsion Field (14), Duality

Special powers: None

Description: Hawkoids (Terrorbirds) are mutated forms of sparrow hawks. The grow to a height of 1.5m and their wingspan is equal to their height. They have many human elements, including human-like hands on their wings and legs. These creatures usually wear clothing of some sort, and all wear at least a harness for weapons and equipment. The feathers of a Hawkoid are predominantly brown, though they have white markings. Male hawkoids have beautiful white crescents on the undersides of their wings. They often wear light armour (such as leather, studded leather and other non bulky, non metallic armour), and most use two weapons, wielding them in their hand-like talons. Combat: Hawkoids are aggressive hunters and will attack almost any reptilian or mammalian lifeform for food. They are near fearless. Hawkoids almost always attack first by swooping silently down upon their prey, attempting to get in one surprise attack. After that, they will usually stay in melee range of a chosen victim, fighting until one or the other is dead. If hard pressed, or a group of prey seemly has a powerful guardian, hawkoids will use their fear generation to drive the biggest threat away. Though largely fearless, they are not stupid, and will retreat if their lives are threatened. Hawkoids generally save their repulsion fields to protect themselves when they decide to retreat with any victims they have slain. Society: Hawkoids consider hissers and hoops special delicacies. They will not eat Carrion. They consider carrions disgusting and will not associate with them. Hawkoids seldom land, preferring to levitate even when fighting or talking. The ability to fly is so precious to them that if, for some reason, a hawkoid loses the ability to fly, it enters a self-induced coma and wills itself to death.