Heightened Sense is a catchall category for any sense that was enhanced through mutation, beyond the normal range typical to ones own stock. This includes all the five senses, plus ones sense of balance and direction.

The heightened sense are as follows:

Directional Sense: (mental mutation) This allows the mutant to know exactly where it is in relation to where it has been. Such mutants will be able to retrace their path at any time, even if blindfolded.

Heightened Balance: (physical mutation) Beings with this mutation are able to maintain their balance in difficult Circumstances and will never fall into a pit, trip over a rope or wire, or land in any way but on their feet. If undisturbed, they can climb sheer walls and walk tight wires with no chance of falling.

Heightened Hearing: (physical mutation) As the name suggests, this is the ability to detect and identify even the slightest noise up to 60 meters away. Because of this, any being with this mutation cannot be surprised.

Heightened Precision: (physical mutation) This is the ability to determine weak points in opponents and structural weaknesses in material objects. Because of this, mutants with this ability do 2 dice of damage over and above all damage they would normally inflict with any weapon used.

Heightened Smell: (physical mutation) A mutant with heightened smell is able to identify separate odors from a great distance (60 meters), and, because of this, cannot be ambushed (this is different from being surprised) by non-plant creatures from upwind. It can follow any trail less than a day old over any surface but water. After contact with another being, this mutant will subsequently be able to identify objects and places associated with that being, such as campsite or possessions.

Heightened Taste: (physical mutation) Mutants with this ability can detect poisons at a touch of the tongue and can determine whether any given substance is edible.

Heightened Touch: (physical mutation) Mutants with this power have a better chance to figure out the use of ancient devices. Given time, a mutant with heightened touch can “feel” the weak points of any given object. This ability could be very useful when trying to pick a safe, open a locked door, or escape from confinement.

Heightened Vision: (physical mutation) This is the ability to see clearly and identify objects over long distances (up to 3 kilometers). Mutants with heightened vision can see in the infrared and ultraviolet spectra, but are not bothered by full daylight.

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