Hoops are actually 2.6 meters (8'5") tall, mutated rabbitoid creatures that stand erect on their hind legs, and are able to leap over objects as high as 8 meters (28 feet). They are intelligent, telepathic, and have mass mind. A mutation peculiar to the hoops is their ability to transmute metal objects into rubber. The hoop must touch the metal object to be transmuted. All metal within I meter of that point turns into rubber (must all be in contact). Hoops have manipulative forepaws. They appreciate the power of Ancient weapons, and seek to obtain and use them.

Hoops were originally introduced to the game as a balancing factor for characters that the GM felt had got out of control. As most significant armour (low and high tech) is metal based it is easy for the GM to rule that a Hoop can render it ineffective. Needless to say this has lead in many groups to the immense dislike of the race. Another bone of contention for many players is that very few GM's would let a player choose Hoop as a playable race, mainly due to the effectiveness of their peculiar mutation and how it would neuter otherwise challenging encounters with deadly robots.

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