Resembling giant, weird-looking hares, hoppers are commonly used as riding beasts, as each is able to carry 100kg (220 lbs.) burdens with little or no effort. Riding a hopper, however, is no easy task. They require a special saddle and harness, for, while their route gait is a not-too-jerky series of lippity-lops, their full run consists of great leaps, interspersed with rapid hops. Any rider who is not properly fastened to the saddle will surely be dismounted. Those riding a hopper for the first time are 75% likely to sustain 1-6 dice of damage (and be thrown from the hoppers back). These creatures are rather stupid (Hoops regard them as we do chimpanzees), but their speed and chameleon powers enable them to survive. An unburdened hopper can easily make 12 meter (40 feet) leaps, and clear objects 8 meters (26 feet) high.