First EditionEdit

This is a group of human mutants bent on the destruction of all non-mutated Pure Strain Humans. Its groups are scattered about Gamma Terra, especially near radiated areas. The Iron Society is very powerful in battle because its members use both mutated powers and ancient weapons of all sorts. They obviously will not mingle with humans, but can be found in societies of other mutants.

Second EditionEdit

Name: The Iron Society (Mutationists)
Tech Level: II
Population: 100% Human mutants
Number: 1d10
Base: Military Camp 100-400 (10d4); Feudal 20-50 (1d4+1); ?? 50-500 (5d10)
Secret Sign: A stylized hammer drawn on any vertical surface to indicate a meeting place or the showing of an iron amulet stamped with the hammer symbol as a recognition sign.

DESCRIPTION: This Humanoid organization is devoted to stamping out Pure Strain Humans. Members will refuse to deal with Pure Strain Humans (or join a party composed of them). Mutationist Bases are often found in areas with high background radiation. Individual members will mingle with other Humanoids and Mutationists will be found at almost every Base where there are Humanoids.

Members get double Status Points for beating parties which include one or more Pure Strain Humans and lose 50 Status Points from those they currently have available each time their party negotiates with an NPC party containing one or more Pure Strain Humans.

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