The Kep is a hideous carnivorous plant which prefers sandy soil, grows completely underground, and permits no other plants to grow above it. Just beneath the surface, it builds an elaborate net of squeeze roots (some 30 meters in diameter) with pressure sensitive filaments. When a creature walks over this area, the network of squeeze roots springs out of the ground to ensnare it. The squeeze roots do 5 dice (5d6) of constrictive damage each melee turn to all creatures unfortunate enough to get caught. If a Kep takes damage equal to more than half of its total hit points, it will release its captives and retreat below ground. If its prey ceases to struggle, the roots secrete dissolving juices which break it down into food for the Kep. After each meal, the plant produces one mobile seed. It tunnels to the surface and scurries away in search of a home.