This is the power to drain life energy from all semi-intelligent or intelligent beings, friend and foe alike, within a 10 meter radius of the mutant. This range is increased by 3 meters for every 4 points of mental strength possessed by the mutant. Life leech will drain away 6 hit points per melee turn (i.e., cause 6 points of damage) from each being in range and add a like number of hit points to the mutant's total. If the mutant with life leech takes damage, the hit points are first subtracted from those points leeched. Those leeched hit points that are not destroyed in combat dissipate after 24 hours.

This power is very popular with 'that guy' in gaming groups, and often used indiscriminately unless stern warnings are given to them. Due to this characters with this power often only get to use it a few times, as enemies who know of this ability will prioritize the character, likewise fellow players who survive a use of this power are unlikely to associate with the use much longer....

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