Gamma World Wiki

Tech Level: II
Population: 500
Population Breakdown:

  • 24% Pure Strain Humans
  • 35% Altered Humans
  • 21% Mutant Animals
  • 20% Sentient Plants

Military: None

Before the cataclysm, Maree was a small, rural town where nothing much happened, and it is still that way today. The townspeople are generally laid back and content with their lot, and visitors frequently mistake this for naivete, or worse, ignorance. But this is not the case. The natives of Maree have a simple philosophy of life, not desiring much and being thankful for the things they have.

There has never been an incident of violence within the bounds of Maree in recorded history. Even those who have come to town with violent intent have found their aims peaceably dissipated with no harm to anyone involved. a local saying claims that there is no problem that cannot be solved to the satisfaction of all involved within thirty minutes.

The locals give credit for their long history of peace to a mysterious catfish that is rumoured to reside in nearby Blum Lake. It is said this catfish, known as General Lee, has lived in the lake since before the cataclysm. Every year, a fishermen or two claims to have hooked the general, only to have him escape from the net. Even though he is considered the town's "good luck charm", every fisherman in the area considers it his goal to catch the general and prove his existence once and for all. No one would ever suggest ending the generals life, but everyone would like to see him.

The chief business in Maree is ostensibly agriculture, but the needs of the people are so few that little effort is required to provide for everyone. Every time a stranger comes to town, it is a major event, and all townsfolk come to gawk at the outsiders. Everyone is very friendly if treated civilly.

"Its only been a few days since I last visited the town of Maree. It now looks like a war zone. Over half the buildings are in flames or damaged in some way, gunshots ringing out from everywhere. It like some sort of free for all."

"Damn live metal. They get everywhere. What are they doing? Putting bodies into coffins? Going to get closer. Damn that was close. Crazees chasing us, live metal going on about specimens." For fortnight I've been observing Maree, for a fortnight. Nothing to show for it. What's that noise. Some sort of engine. Holy.... A merc force from Bonparr, severely injured, all of them. The vehicle too, badly damaged, but still functioning. What are they doing here. NO,NO. They're killing everyone, setting fire to the buildings, razing everything to the ground.

Its been a few weeks since I was last here. Just burnt carcasses of buildings standing. A few signs of wild animals searching for food. No survivors though. Possibly for the best.