First EditionEdit

Weapon Class: 14
Maximum Range: 150 meters
Effective Range: 75 meters
Projectile: Disrupting Ray
Damage Inflicted: 7d6 (makes 10 cm hole when applicable)
Power Source: Hydrogen Energy Cell
Battery Life: 5 shots
XP Value: 1500

This pistol makes a 10 cm diameter hole out to its maximum range In whatever it hits, provided the target is killed, does not have a force shield, or is inanimate (such as a wall). It does not cause 10 cm holes In living creatures until they are no longer living.

Second EditionEdit

Weapon Class: 14
Range: 60m
Damage: 7d6
Power Source: Hydrogen Energy Cell
Shots: 6
Tech Rating: III
Complexity: D
Weight: 1
SP Value: 1500

This weapon fires a Sonic Blast that blows a 10-centimeter hole in anything protected by a Force Field.


Tech Level: V Complexity: 15

Duration: 6 shots Avg.Cost: 9000 Domars

Weight: 5 kg Damage: 5d8

This unusual weapon projects a ray that weakens the nuclear force that binds the nuclei of atoms together. The result is that all things touched by the beam disintegate. The result are light, intense heat, a big noise, and an impressive hole in the target. Even the air the beam travels through is affected, making the beam visible as a white streak.

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