DESCRIPTION: This robot for all the world looks like a steel coffin without the lid. The patient lies inside the live metal. The sides of the box are sloped away from the centre to prevent a closed feeling. The bulk of the equipment is underneath the enclosure, giving it a depth of over a meter. Six retractable limbs ( two claws, four hands) are mounted along the edge of the enclosure. A variety of lights, monitors and readouts line the outer edges. The whole thing floats on antigrav pods. It has a soothing, melodious female voice.

EQUIPMENT: The Medibot is equipped with mircoscopic cameras, an external thermometer, an envoirolyzer, soft lights, and four medkits VI, a life force detector, a communicator, an injectable toxin neutralizer, anesthetics (intensity 20), steel core (velvet lined) restraints, blood filters, surgery tools (laser scalpels, hemostats, etc.), and a host of other medical equipment. A weak force field can cover the enclosure to control the air quality or provide a pure oxygen atmosphere.

RESTRICTIONS: Nurses were given common I.D. cards which only allowed them to request patient status, assign a new patient to an empty bot, and release a recovering patient. Doctors used supervisor's cards which allowed them to direct the medical care of the robot. Only the manufacturers had maintenance and programmer's cards. Civil authority cards could be used to direct the medibot to an injured person or to indicate which facility (hospital, prison ward,etc) he or she should be taken to. Security cards were obeyed without question, so long as it didn't endanger the patient. The medibot will give medical care to anyone, with or without orders, so long as ii doesn't have a patient. Humanoid animals need a Robot Recognition check. Plants are ignored. Patients are released as soon as they are enough to not endanger their health (half hit points or better). If another patient isn't waiting, the medibot will allow a patient to remain until recovered.

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