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The Menarl is an impressive 10 meter (33 foot) long intelligent water snake. It has 10 very usable arms equipped with human-shaped hands. It has heightened strength (17) and a mental strength of 12. Its favorite food is birds, and it goes into a mad frenzy when any are near. The Menarl is relatively friendly towards humanoids and, if shown how, will use ancient devices and weapons.

2nd Edition[]

Source: Basic Rules Booklet Gamma World March 1983

Name: Menarl (Slime Devils)

Number: 1d4

Morale: 1d4+2

Hit Dice : 7d12

Armor: 6

Land Speed: 2 / 300 / 6

Water Speed: 24 / 1800 / 36

MS: 1d8+8

IN: 1d12+4

DX: 3d6

CH: 1d4

CN: 1d10+8

PS: 1d20+30

Attacks: 1 Squeeze (6d6 damage)

Mutations: Heightened Physical Attributes (Strength)

Description: These 10-meter long intelligent water snakes have 1d12+4 1-meter long arms ending in hands with opposable thumbs. They don't normally carry equipment, but can learn to use simple items at their master's request. Menarls are relatively friendly towards Humanoids and Pure Strain Humans. They prey on water birds and the presence of any kind of bird sends them into a feeding frenzy.