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Napless is a city of the ancients that was hard hit by the cataclysm. The entire population was wiped out, all indigenous life was eliminated, and most of the building were levelled. The entire area remained radioactive for centuries. Most of the mutations that have inflicted lifeforms for several hundred kilometres around can ultimately be traced back to radiation from the ruins of the once great metropolis. The city has long been a mecca for radioactivists. The entire area is littered with their remains, as the Glow they worshipped claimed their lives. The crumbling ruins of radioactivist settlements dot the landscape in and around Napless. Only one is still active, the small village of Glowburg, located just to the southwest of the ancient city. All of the residents of Glowburg have at least nine mutations and are devout radioactivists. When strangers come to their village, the locals try to hide their alliance and trick the strangers into entering the highly radioactive city. All that remains of Napless now are flattened ruins, but some structures are still mostly intact, including several twisted Bones of the Giants. Among these twisted, smoking heaps, however, some remnants of the ancients amy still be found, if an adventurer is courageous (or foolhardy) enough to brave the Glow and the new dangers that have arisen in this once mighty urban area.

RADIOACTIVITY: The intensity of radiation varies depending upon the area of Napless that is being explored. In the worse areas, the radiation has an intensity of 5 points per five minutes of exposure, while the least harmful areas still have an intensity of 1 point per five minutes. Adventurers would be well advised to obtained protective gear before making any prolonged explorations of the city.

LIVE METAL: Any live metal remaining the city of Napless aren't live. All are defunct, broken, useless. Only good for scrap.

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