The Obb is an intelligent (menial strength 12) mutated fungus which resembles a 1 meter (3 feet) long bat. Nearly immobile on the ground, it is as swift and deadly as a hawk when in the air. It swoops down from the sky using its one large black eye to deliver a blast of intensity 16 radiation. It then strikes stunning blows with its two clawed appendages doing 3 dice (3d6) of damage with each. Once its prey is killed, the Obb devours half of the body and plants its spores in what remains. In just one day 1-6 (d6) young Obbs will emerge and fly off. The Obb is completely resistant to radiation, and all laser, light, and heat attacks. It has been known to associate peacefully and even team up with other intelligent beings, but only the referee knows exactly when or why. The Obb has an intelligence of its own, and its logic is totally unrelated to anything generally known to man.