The Parn is a 3 meter (10') long mutated beetle. Its back is covered with 4-24 (4d6) 1.3 meter (4') long barbed spines, which It uses defensively. These it may shoot, 2 per melee round, up to a distance of 50 meters (160') and each will do 2 dice (d6) of damage if it hits. Although not particularly intelligent, the Parn is a ruthless carnivore, and it kills its prey with 4 sharp sword-like structures at the ends of its 3 meter (10') long antennae. Each of these does 3 dice of damage (d6) if they hit, and the Parn uses them so effectively that the armor class of any opponent(s) is adversely affected by 3 classes when in close combat with the Parn. Each antenna has an armor class of 5 and will take 18 points of damage (this is in addition to the basic 10 hit dice of the creature) before it is severed. The Parn never retreats and fights tenaciously to the death.