This mutated palm-like bush is topped with a large (1 meter tall) flower-like structure. If disturbed, the flower will begin to glow all shades of the rainbow and on the next melee round emit radiation of random intensity (3d6) that affects all beings within a 15 meter radius. Each melee round, it changes color and emits radiation of a different intensity (again random). If the Perth is damaged, it will glow 1 to 4 colors at once (d4), emitting that many blasts of radiation of different intensities. The petals of the flower-structure can be sun-dried and crumbled into a powder, which, when ingested, will heal one lost hit point for each gram of powder consumed. One flower will yield 20 grams of powder and the drying process requires 3 full days of sunlight. If dried more rapidly by artificial means, the powder will be only halt as effective.