These oddly mutated plants have a horizontal trunk and movable branches, adapted to rapid locomotion. A large clump of roots and keen visual and olfactory appendages at the base of its trunk vaguely resembles a shaggy horse's head. It feeds on nutrimental matter, which its tendrils thrust into the trunk cavity where it is absorbed by thousands of tiny rootlets. The Pineto takes on moisture much like an animal, by dipping its “head” (root clump) into a stream or pond. Pinetos move about quickly in order to avoid predators. When captured, the Pineto can be ridden or used as a beast of burden (carrying up to 800kg/1800lbs on their backs). Control is by means of a sharp goad which is jammed into the Pineto, just behind the root clump. Using this device, the creature can be made to move, run, turn, and stop at a rider’s command. Note, however, that the Pineto is covered with a dense growth of sharp needles, and the tail (tree top) lashes for 1 die of damage (to armor class 8 or less) on command. Riders without saddles, or other proper protection, also take 1 point of damage per melee round while astride the Pineto.