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Podogs are fairly clever, very large, mutated mongrels. They understand simple commands and are large enough to ride and strong enough to carry most humans at a good pace all day. They are not friendly in their wild state. Podogs are carnivorous pack hunters, and only the young can be trained to serve as steeds. If a Podog is attacked, it will bite and slash with its teeth causing 2 dice (d6) of damage. All Podogs are totally immune to any form of poison. Prized Podogs have dual brains and communicate with their masters via telepathy (such creatures are one in a hundred and are rarely for sale). When excited, a Podog bays out a cry which perfectly imitates that of its prey/opponent, throwing it into confusion and giving the Podog the initiative to attack or flee. Packs of Podogs will normally consist of a mated pair and one or two of their full and partially grown litters.