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This is a military-religious order, bent on controlling the world. Any means to this end is acceptable. It was founded by an enormous mutated bear, who wrote the organization's guidelines after reading several ancient books - implied to include From Arcoli to Waterloo: Rules for Napoleonic Battles, Pumping Iron by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. All forms of life may join, but only mutated intelligent animals may hold positions of power. Seeking to establish a form of “Code Napoléon” throughout the world, “The Ranks of the Fit” have brought large groups of people and several cities under their well organized military fist. Although their armies are equipped mostly with crossbows and spears, no independent corps is allowed to operate without some very heavy weapons of the past, and the members will fight to obtain more.



Their flag is the french national tricolor with a gammadion/swastika superimposed over it.

== References ==
GW4 The Overlord of Bonparr - The Animal Sector