Sustenance Dose provides nourishment and suppresses hunger pains.

First edition GW: One dose provides a full day’s required nourishment and short-circuits any hunger signals to the brain for a 24 hour period.

Second edition GW: A 5-centimeter[1] cracker-like wafer that gives all needed nourishment and short-circuits hunger signals to the brain for 24 hours. Use of this substance as the sole source of nourishment for more than a month results in the atrophying of normal digestive organs making it impossible for the user to derive sustenance from anything except this substance. There is a 95% chance that it will work for a Humanoid and an 80% chance that it will work for a Mutated Animal. If it doesn't work, the user is exposed to 3d4 Intensity Level poison.


  1. Published as "50 centimeter", but this is likely an error.
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