Telekinesis: This enables a mutant to lift objects, other than the mutant himself, into the air and move them about. The mutant can only telekinesis as much weight as he could normally lift, and he must strain as though he were actually carrying the object of his telekinesis. Only objects within 15 meters may be thus lifted, and the mutant may only keep them aloft for 5 melee turns, after which time he must rest for another 5 melee turns before again using this power. When telekinesis is attempted on living creatures, or things that they are holding, the referee should treat it as a mental attack on that being, which must succeed before the object may be lifted.

Telekinetic Arm: This mutation manifests itself as a 20 meter long human arm (complete with hand), capable of doing anything a normal human arm and hand can do, with a strength of 18. To function, it must always be visible to the mutant. This arm cannot be hit by non-powered weapons, while powered weapons will do normal damage to the mutant if they hit this arm.

Telekinetic Flight: Mutants with this ability can fly through the air at a variable speed (1-20 meters per second), carrying only as much as they could carry normally.

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