One of the biochemical CPU brains at the heart of a think tank (ghost-face highlights it's sentience)

Think Tanks are room-sized, biochemical brains used to plan for all possible contingencies affecting the base they serve and to answer questions about the information they correlate. They are always protected by a cybernetic installation and powered by their own nuclear power plant. They are found only in vary high-security areas such as space ports and secret military bases. In rare cases, they will control their cybernetic installation, but usually the think tank's function is only informational. Borgs, cybernetic installations and characters with a Stage V I.D. can communicate with think tanks, but it will not accept orders from anyone. Think tanks gather information in the same way as cybernetic installations and they control all robots in the vicinity not controlled by their cybernetic installation. All think tanks have a definite (and very inhuman) personality. They usually react favorably to and try to help Pure Strain Humans, but react negatively to other types.

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