Warbots are the futuristic equivalent of the modern Main Battle Tank. They are powerful weapon platforms, loaded with heavy hardware, but are not as powerful as the mighty Death Machine. They were built in mass during the Shadow Years, but most were destroyed in the conflict. Those few that survived the war can be found guarding old, A.I.-controlled facilities, or mothballed in dusty hangers. Those that did not survived the war litter old battlefields or ruins, but they are just lifeless husks. Considered by many to be the ultimate grudge monster for any annoyed or mildly irritated Gamma World GM. Most robots have excessively high AC, HP and attack modifiers as well as deadly weapons that never run out of ammunition. They are notorious PC killers and best friend of every GM.


First EditionEdit


Power Sources: Nuclear plant
Sensors: Standard, infrared, ultraviolet at 3 kilometer range
Control: Only by a specific permanent cybernetic installation
Locomotion: Anti-grav pods move the unit at 150 kph
Defenses: 500 hit points, 200 point energy screen, armor class 1

4 micro missile launchers
6 torc grenade launchers with 500 meter range and 1-100 (2d10) grenades each
4 black ray cannons with 200 meter range
8 batteries of 3 Mark VII blaster rifles each
1 matter bomb launcher with 25 rounds with 200 meter range
6 laser batteries of 5 “guns” each. Range and damage:

  • short: 750 meters, 20 dice (20d6) per battery
  • medium: 1500 meters, 15 dice (15d6) per battery
  • long: up to 3000 meters, 10 dice (10d6) per battery
Construction: Vaguely turtle-shell shaped; 9 meters long, 5 meters wide, 3 meters high.

Second EditionEdit

Type: Warbot Status: 2 ranks
Number: 1d4-2 (0-2) Senors: Standard Human Visual and Audio, Infrared & Ultraviolet, and Telescopic
Hit Dice: 60d10 (330 hp) Control: Use only a single designated control unit to give electronic signals that encode commands
Armor: 1 Power: Nuclear Plant
MS: 1d4+8 (9-12) IN: 1d6+8 (9-14) DX: 1d8+8 (9-18) PS: 5d20+100 (105-200)
Speed: Pods = 240/10200/180

DESCRIPTION: This vaguely turtle-shaped unit is 9 meters long by 6 meters wide by 3 meters tall. It has:

4 Micro-missile Launchers
6 Torc Grenade Launchers (500 meter range and 5d20 Torc Grenades)
4 Black Ray Guns (200 meter range), 8 Mark VII Blaster Batteries of 3 guns each
1 Matter Bomb Launcher 1200 meter range and 6d6 Matter Bombs)
6 Laser Batteries of 5 guns each (1500-meter range and 15d6 damage per battery).

All Warbots have a 200 Hit Point Energy Screen. They can use all weapons simultaneously.

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