This allows the mutant to manipulate the weather in the area he is in. The newly-created weather conditions will last as long as the mutant concentrates on them. (Note that if the mutant is hit in combat his concentration will be broken.) The mutant must concentrate for a full minute (6 melee turns) before the weather begins changing, and it takes another 2 minutes (12 melee turns) for the change to be completed. The weather will be affected in a 10 kilometer radius around the mutant. The weather cannot be radically changed, i.e. from below zero to a 100 degree heat wave. The extant of manipulation possible depends upon the prevailing conditions:

Aspect of Weather Prevailing Conditions Possible Extant of Change
Cloud Cover/
Clear Very Clear
Partly Clear/Hazy
Partly Cloudy Clear
Sleet/Small Hail
Cloudy Partly Cloudy
Deep Clouds
Fog/Heavy Rain/Heavy Snow/
Driving Sleet/Large Hail
Temperature Hot Sweltering Heat
Warm Hot
Cool Warm
Cold Cool
Arctic Cold
Wind Calm Dead Calm
Light Wind
Light Wind Calm
Strong Wind
Strong Wind Wind Light
Gale Strong Wind
Storm Gale

All three aspects of the weather can be manipulated, but only as shown. For example, a day which is clear and warm with a light wind can become a hazy, hot, calm day. Contradictions are not possible, fog and strong wind, for example.

Success is not automatic. There is a base 90% chance of causing one of the possible changes. If it is desirable to cause a change one degree away (from clear to light rain, for example) the chance of success drops to 50%, and double the time is required (12 melee turns of initial concentration, 24 melee turns to accomplish the change). If a change two degrees away from the prevailing conditions is desired (such as warm to arctic cold ), the chance of success is only 10% and triple the time is required (18 and 26 melee turns).

The percentile dice (2d10) are rolled after the initial concentration is completed, but the new conditions are not fully effective until the change in weather is completed. If the mutant is unsuccessful in changing the weather (either through failing the percentage roll or being interrupted after the initial concentration), he must rest a full week before attempting weather manipulation again. This mutation is usable a maximum of once a day.

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