The win seen is a creeping tangle of vines whose runners can spread over a very large area (up to 20 meters in diameter). It is difficult to tell where one plant ends and the next one begins, as all plants in a colony are connected to one another. The yellow-green aquatic variety floats freely around the surface of lakes and ponds, emits a sonic attack whenever it is touched, and is covered with intensity 14 contact poisons. The blue-green land win seen has the above defenses plus an attraction odor that encourages carnivores to live nearby (referee should pick a few likely ones). Although not intelligent, the land varieties exhibit a crude form of magnetic control, forcing all ferrous objects (of up to 50 kg wt) within 50 meters of the plant to the ground for up to 25 melee turns. The plant must be damaged before it will utilize this power. A single win seen, chopped, and cooked down in a large pot for several days, will yield about 100ccs of antidote for intensity 14 poison, with 10 ccs being the required dose for a human.