This flying creature, of indeterminate origin, has a wing span of 8 meters and stands 3 meters tall. It is a slow-witted but friendly beast which ambles around the ground on 2 long hairy legs, but is a magnificent sight in the air with its beautiful orange fur-lined wings outstretched. At the end of each wing is a well shaped hand. Atop its long neck rests a lion-like head with large eyes and large mandibles. In combat, the Yexil can bite for 3 dice of damage, or shoot a laser beam through its eyes that does 5 dice (d6) of damage out to 25 meters. Its body is also covered with orange (and black) fur which is resistant to very little (but is resistant to cold attacks). The Yexil is omnivorous, but its most favorite foods (it is a gourmet) are manufactured clothing - cotton, synthetics, leather, etc. The snappier the outfit, the better it tastes. The Yexil will often trade what it considers worthless items of technology (such as pistols, bombs, or grenades) for good clothes to eat.

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