Each Zeethh is a sturdy blade of mutated purple grass which grows to a height of 1.5 meters. Its tassels (which grow continuously all summer long) are filled with 1-6 spiked seeds. Each melee round that warm blooded creatures are within 20 meters of Zeethhs, the plants will attempt to teleport one-quarter of their seeds into those creatures. Here's how to handle large scale Zeethh combat:

1. Multiply the number of Zeethhs present by 3... this yields the total number of seeds available.

2. One fourth of the original total of seeds will be teleported each melee turn.

3. The number of seeds to be teleported is divided by the number of targets (warm-blooded creatures within 20 meters). The quotient is the number of seeds which attack each target.

4. Treat the Zeethhs as having a mental strength of 12. Roll a mental attack for each seed.

Seeds which do not get into a body simply vaporize. Each seed teleported into a body does 2 dice (d6) of damage to its new host. While inside a creature, these seeds secrete a dissolving juice that does an additional point of damage per day per seed for up to 7 days. If by then the creature is not dead, the seeds die. All damage caused by these seeds will not heal until the seeds die or are removed surgically (see Rejuv Chamber). If a host (full of viable seeds) dies, the seeds inside it will sprout in less than an hour, and grow large enough to have a tassel in three days. All adult zeethhs replace teleported seeds at a rate of one per day.